Selenite Charging Plate | LIMITED EDITION

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Selenite is like pure white light. Unlike other stones, it does not absorb or store energy and therefore, makes an excellent cleanser for your stones. Place your stones on top for a recharge. The Selenite plate will unlock stagnant energies and remove negative energies from other stones.

RHOMBUS | There is much meaning behind this powerful rhombus shape as well. Because the rhombus contains vertical and horizontal directions simultaneously, it is said that is the symbol of the unification of matter and spirit, heavens and earth. It is made up of two triangles, one downward (Yin) & one upward (Yang). Found in cultures throughout our global world, the rhombus refers to a common notion of harmony and balance.

SELENITE | The name Selenite is derived from the Greek moon goddess, Selene, meaning "moonlike glow." Selenite is a powerful protective stone promoting peace and clarity of the mind. Because of its purest translucent white color, its ethereal quality is said to inhabit the space between light and matter. It opens the higher crown chakra and facilitates access to universal consciousness.

Measures approximately 3" wide x 4" long.