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Designed to accompany you wherever you roam, Vibe necklaces adjust freely to your desired length up to 30 inches long ~ anytime, anywhere. 
100% metal free. Handmade in Austin, TX.
(Main stone is approx. 11mm).
Rich with symbolism, Pi Stones are they archetype for wholeness, symbolizing unity and absolute oneness. This powerful shape has been an important totem throughout time and across many cultures. Said to represent the 8th chakra floating above our heads, energies flow up through the center and wrap down around the sides and up again through the center in a constant 3-dimensional flow. Often depicted in artworks throughout history as halos or sun disks on holy figures and gods in ancient mythologies, this shape is still used today by Shamans and many others today as a protection stone. 
These are hand-carved Pi Stones from our exclusive cache of vintage turquoise stones. They vary in color from a creamy celadon to a matrix of green or blue and brown. (Examples of each are shown here). 
Choose the 'Solid Celadon' option for the solid celadon color (light green) or choose the 'Matrixed' for the matrixed mix or brown and blue or green. 

Such is the beauty of natural things, each stone will vary slightly, though all will be beautiful. We promise.

Vibe celebrates the intrinsic connection between humans and nature. Our limited edition jewelry is sustainably handcrafted by a team of mindful artisans in collaboration with Mother Earth.