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 H E M A T I T E

is a highly grounding and protecting stone. It strengthens our connection to the earth and endows us with courage, endurance, strength & vitality. Hematite also balances yin & yang energies, dissolves negativity and prevents us from absorbing the negativity of others.

Hold your stone. Set your intention. Attune to your stone & "vibe" with it. Wear it with love as a reminder of your intention.

  • All Vibe necklaces are handmade in Austin, Texas with natural gemstones and silk.
  • They are all fully adjustable from choker to 30" long and are metal-free.
  • Each gemstone is carefully-curated and chosen for its unmistakable individuality and quality. 
  • Even our gorgeous paper cards are also lovingly handcrafted in Austin, Texas with sustainable paper. We love this planet!

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