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  • HESSONITE GARNET Vibe Bracelet
  • HESSONITE GARNET Vibe Bracelets
  • HESSONITE GARNET Vibe Bracelet
  • HESSONITE GARNET Vibe Bracelet
  • HESSONITE GARNET Vibe Bracelets
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Designed to go with the flow.

Vibe necklaces give you the freedom to chose your desired length anytime, anywhere. Fully adjustable up to approximately 8.5" around. So, layer them up or keep it simple.

Such is the beauty of natural things, each stone will vary slightly, though all will be beautiful. We promise!

Vibe celebrates the intrinsic connection between humans and nature. Our limited edition jewelry is sustainably handcrafted by a team of mindful artisans in collaboration with Mother Earth. 

Gemstone Meaning

is a stone of passion, creativity & prosperity. Hessonite Garnet has been worn for centuries as a talisman for success in business (particularly self-initiated business), good health and happiness. It brings out creative expression imparts self-respect & eliminates feelings of guilt. Hessonite Garnet provides support to seek out new challenges and opens intuition.


Stones measure approx. 4mm each.
Bracelet adjusts up to approximately 8.5" around.


Made with only genuine gemstones and pure silk. 100% metal free. 


Show your Vibe jewelry love by:

- Keeping it away from oils, lotions & sprays
-Avoiding showering or sleeping with it on
- Storing it neatly when not wearing it or keeping it on your signature Vibe card
- Use the slider bead while holding both loose ends to shorten or lengthen it
- Wearing it with love as a reminder of your intentions.