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Vibe is...

Vibe is...

a reminder,

a call, 

a gentle nudge

to pause and take a moment (or a thousand moments) to connect -

                                                                                                        with nature,

                                                                                                        with yourself

                                                                                                        and with the world.

Vibe is founded on the belief that when you nurture yourself, you nurture the world. When we take a moment to pause and appreciate nature, the moment becomes profound and has a ripple effect that can be felt infinitely. 
One way we can nurture ourselves is to mindfully select the things in our lives that surround us. It is Vibe's mission to create items to cherish, make you feel good and assist you in nurturing yourself. I call this curating your vibe.
Get cozy, dive in and see what finds you here. 
Vibe is...
one-of-a-kind, mindfully handcrafted necklaces & bracelets. Made with carefully-curated natural gemstones & silk. Each one is hand-knotted and fully adjustable. Every piece comes on a beautiful custom card, handcrafted from fine sustainable papers & containing the meaning of the featured gemstone. 
Vibe is...
sustainable through and through. This magnificent planet and the incredible humans that inhabit it are our muses. That is why we are, in practice and product, a sustainable business - from our paper to our wind-powered studio, from sourcing materials in person to creating a zero waste product. 
Vibe is...
made with love in Austin, Texas and available around the globe.
And most importantly,
Vibe is...LOVE.
Born from a love of nature, design and connection, Vibe continues to thrive on these things. From the design to the creation to the connection with you, it all begins and ends with LOVE!
Thank you for being here, beautiful human. We appreciate you immensely!


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